*****Dental Savings Plan Revamp*****

Below are the exciting new implementations to our Dental Savings Plan…..If you have any questions please call our office
@ 828-837-5911……We have enjoyed implementing this program and hope that it has been beneficial to you our patient and friend.

Dental Savings Plan Monthly Fee:  27.00 per person
Save More By Paying Annually:  308.00 per person

We have now implemented plans for those people who need to have Maintenance visits more often than twice a year which were not available before……

4 Month Recare Patients:  
Monthly Fee:  32.00 per person 
Annual Fee with Increased Savings: 364.00 per person

3 Month Recare Patients:

Monthly Fee:  37.00 per person
Annual Fee with Increased Savings:  421.00 per person

As a Dental Savings Plan Member you will receive a Savings on all Restorative Needs and Extra Benefits which will include but are not limited to: 

Monthly Savings Offered Only to Dental Savings Plan Members, Preferred Status for all appointments, Free Fluoride Treatments When are deemed necessary by your hygienist and much more…… Lets make this year a year of more savings than 2017…….Please call our office to update your Credit Card Information so that we do not have a lapse in the
SAVINGS @ 828-837-5911

Thank you for all your continued dedication to us here at Murphy Dental Center